Frequently Asked Questions

How does the service work and how much does it cost?

Our wash and fold process is very quick and painless! Once you are signed up for the service, you simply place your items in one of our yellow Laundry Solutions bags, and call to schedule a pickup. The service includes pickup, the cleaning of the garments, and delivery back to you. 

The cost is based on the amount (by weight) of the garments sent. So the more you send the more you save!

How do I sign up?

To sign up, simply call (806) 687 - 2525, and ask to sign up for Laundry Solutions or Wash & Fold services. We will take down your information and schedule a first pickup.

Can I include this with my normal route pickup?

Yes! For the first pickup simply place the items in a clean, plastic bag in your usual drop-off location. Please be sure to mark "Wash & Fold for Master Cleaners" on the bag in large letters. The driver will pick it up and leave a Laundry Solutions bag for your next order.  

Do i have to be there when the drop-off or pick-up takes place?

 No. There is no need to be home to use the service. The driver will service the location you designate. However, it would be best to pick a location sheltered from the weather.   

How do I tell Master Cleaners about a special request/issue with my garments?

Simply leave a detailed note in your bag i dentifying the specific garmet (including color, fabric type, and label if possible) along with your specific cleaning insturctions. 

What do i do if I have a problem with my order after i get my clothes back?

Contact a Master Cleaners customer satisfaction representative within 5 days by calling us at (806) 687-2525 or by email at